Our program seeks to help men become better leaders of their families by instructing them about, and assisting them to live 7 core values in their daily lives:

These 6 virtues will serve as inspiration and guidance for our Mission:


Relationship with Christ: To become a true Man of God through prayer and sacraments


Relationship with moral truth: To become an expert in right and wrong through knowledge of Church teaching


Relationship with others: To become an expert in following Christís example of charity and self-sacrifice


Relationship to life's opportunities: To become an expert in taking the initiative to build up family, society & other people


Relationship to life's temptations: To become an expert in self-mastery instead of self-indulgence


Relationship to life's challenges: To become an expert in overcoming lifeís difficulties and defending against the attacks of evil


Faith and Ale Speaker Series focused on the Critical Values of Fatherhood; Quarterly Breakfast Meetings with Prominent Local Fathers to See How They Put Values into Action


Structured Activities For Fathers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons (e.g. Father Daughter Dance, Movie Night, Midnight Run) that Emphasize the Core FLI Values in a Fun Environment


Small Group Sessions where men can receive more consistent and deeper formation, enjoy Christ-centered fellowship and accountability, and move towards a greater apostolic commitment to Christ in Parish Ministry, Archdiocesan programs, Regnum Christi, or wherever else God may be calling them