Small Group Faith Sharing
Black-Belt Dad Small Group Discussion Series

Session I: A Christ-like Father (sample pdf)
Session II: A Christ-like Husband (sample pdf)
Session III: A Christ-like Parishioner (sample pdf)
Session IV: A Christ-like Professional (sample pdf)

Join us for a six-week course created to help everyday dads with practical ideas, resources and a casual discussion forum on helping our kids become the best they can be — and on becoming the best fathers we can. We'll discuss real-world issues, and how to teach our kids through them. Black-Belt small group faith sharing groups are taking place at a variety of parishes throughout the Archdiocese.

Each one-hour session includes:
  • Real-Life Case Study
  • Open Discussion Time
  • Fellowship with Other Dads
  • Faith Perspectives on Key Issues

The Black-Belt Dad Small Group Discussion Series and training for the groups are available to local parishes. Please contact Greg Guerin for more information at

Current Parish Schedule

“Ask About Our 2013 Lenten Program”

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Doyestown, PA
Randy Hubbel

St. Mary Magadlen
Media, PA
Euse Mita Jr.

St. Dennis/Conquest
Havertown, PA
John Volk

St. Norbert
Paoli, PA
Coming Soon