A man's most important mission is to develop his children spiritually, emotionally and socially to enable them to become responsible, fulfilled adults. To successfully fulfill his vocation, a father must be a principle centered leader, a passionate defender of morality, and a model of honor and integrity.

Today, the institution of Fatherhood is falling far short of this ideal. The nuclear family is disintegrating at an alarming rate, with 50% of American children now living completely apart from their fathers due to divorce and separation. Among fathers of the remaining 50%, many can't find the support, tools or information they need to teach enduring values like responsibility, fortitude, and integrity that are critical for leading children to responsible adulthood.

The Fatherhood & Leadership Initiative serves to fill that void. Our objective is to provide tools, information, and a community of common purpose that enable men of character to become better fathers, husbands and leaders of their families.